Transformation & New Beginnings!

After many requests, I’ve decided to bring back my blog! If you’ve ever visited my previous blog, “Breaking the Pace,” then you’ll be quite familiar with my story and this is simply a continuation of that.  All of the old posts which appeared on “Breaking the Pace” have been imported here so as to incorporate all my old race reports as well as the illustrative journey over the years which I’ve taken to get where I am now.

If you are unfamiliar with “Breaking the Pace,” then briefly, my story was simple. Around my 30th birthday, I looked in a mirror, and I saw a woman staring back at me that I hoped never would be. I didn’t like what she looked like or who she was and knew dramatic changes had to be instituted. This led to me discovering a passion for running, and I fantasized and dreamed of running ultramarathons. Year after year, I worked and chipped away at getting my way to the start line of a 100-mile race, but by the time I got there, a new fire was burning inside. I wanted to be a podium finisher one day at one of these races!

Things will be a bit messy around here for a short time while, over the next week, I’ll continue to edit old posts, add missing photos, and will begin to include new race reports and other information that will pick up where “Breaking the Pace” left off. I will also be using this blog to keep you all updated on the progress of my upcoming book, “Breaking 100 Miles,” and the concordant launch of its sister website which provides extreme in-depth guidance and advice on the training and racing process of 24-hour and 100-mile races!

Stay tuned and happy miles! Thanks for visiting!

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