Battling Compartment Syndrome

This lower leg pain is really getting in my way.  It seems this month is the month of injury!  My sister is down and out with a good bout of runner’s knee.  I’m fighting against all common sense and still running with a fairly nasty case of compartment syndrome especially in my left leg.  It’s becoming incredibly frustrating and has been the theme of the day for the last week.

Last Saturday, I ran my new distance record of 18 miles.  While the run overall went incredibly well, I could have finished much, much faster had it not been for incredible tightness, pain, and numbness predominantly in my left lower leg.  I actually ended up walking a large part of the first 3 miles, stopping and trying to stretch, attempting to get movement and feeling back into my left foot and lower leg.  It was so bad that I was just about to go home when it eased up a little (and that’s bad).  I decided to risk it and run through it, hoping it would continue to resolve as it has so many times before.  Luckily, it did resolve on its own, and I was able to continuously pick up pace throughout the run.  I still made great time, I felt.  For the most part, it was a very good run and I didn’t even feel like I ran 18 miles.  That evening I was only a tiny bit stiff in the first few hours after the run, and the next day I felt like I hadn’t even completed a long run the day before.  Everything was almost perfect… except the start of the run.

I’m hoping that if I do some warm up walking prior to a run, it will make a difference.  I’m also going to start doing some extra calf stretches on a daily basis.  Something’s gotta give here.  I almost wish it were as simple as just going down to a physician and getting a quick fascia release and getting it over with!  I have negative patience for this.  It worries me to try to enter any races as I never know if or how bad it’s going to flare up.  It usually doesn’t make me completely stop running until I’m 1-2 miles into a run.  Other times, my legs will get tight and heavy but it will dissipate before I have to stop.

Maybe I just need a break and take a couple days off running and just do some speed walking.  That doesn’t sound like very much fun. L I’m hoping to do a 20-mile run in a week or two.  I’d sure like to be able to give it everything I’ve got.

Injuries suck.

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  1. Lacey says:

    Agreed. Injuries suck. Especially when you’re on the brink of something great.

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