Today it’s 15 miles

I’m setting out today to complete my first 15-mile run.  I’ve already done 13 miles, so I’m sure it’ll be a piece of cake!  These long runs are just so addictive!  Today’s run, I believe, will put me close to 40 miles this week.  My legs have been really cooperative all week long; I’ve had only mild occasional shin splints and no true sign of compartment syndrome in my tibialis, so I’m considering upping my miles to 45 miles next week and gradually working my way back up to 60.  Earlier this week, I thought I was experiencing early symptoms of Achilles tendonitis, but that seemed to subside on its own.  I seem to really be acclimating to the higher mileage… finally!  I’ll be setting my sights on a 20 miler in no time!

The plan today is to avoid an out-and-back run.  This requires some serious logistical planning! Temps are supposed to be in the low 60s and sunny. I do wish it were a little cooler than that especially since I probably will end up doing most of the run in the 60s, but you gotta go when you can!

Now, I just need the sun to come up so I can get going!

2 thoughts on “Today it’s 15 miles

  1. Big one! Good for you! I hope all goes well for you.

  2. Lacey says:

    Take plenty of photos. And remember…spray, kick, run, eat! lol

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