The Best Dam Run

Every run leaves some sort of impression on you, and yesterday’s run was the kind of run that rejuvenates and brings life back to you. It reminded me what running is all about and why I began running in the first place.  For the first time in months, I found myself completely absorbed in the scenery and the moment of the run itself.  I felt completely in tune with my body as if running were just a natural state.  I found myself for the first time forgetting to look at the passing miles on my Garmin and found myself being slightly disappointed as my run came to an end.

IMG_1067I got to the trail head fairly early, and though the weather was constantly threatening to make conditions a little less favorable, it never really got any more serious than a few spats of rain.   It was pretty chilly starting out.  All the weather sources seemed to think we were going to see some hint of sunshine, but that never even came close to happening.  I was really glad I had opted for my arm warmers and light gloves.  The temperature and overcast conditions ended up being really perfect in the end.

I set out, geared to the teeth, at a decently slow pace and struggled a little to hold myself back for the first mile.  Not long into the run, my tibialis in both legs became increasingly tight and slowed me down to a quick walk.  By the time I was into the second mile, I began to question whether or not my legs would even be able to make it the whole way.

I started feeling really frustrated and began considering at what point I should decide to turn back and try another day.  I pushed those thoughts aside and continued to press on, alternating between walking, snapping pics, and jogging through the 2-4th miles.  Turning back just couldn’t be an option.


The trail was really beautiful and serene.  It follows the river all the way out and back along what used to be old train tracks.  There were ducks and geese hobbling around all over the trail.  Small waterfalls were gushing over with the most recent downpour.  Spring color was everywhere, and even under the dreary, cloudy sky, was refreshing and impressive.  Around every curve hid a new little treasure.  The river was dark and gloomy, but pressed against the bright green landscape, it almost seemed to exude a certain beauty in its own way.  Time passed incredibly fast, too fast.

IMG_1066On the way out, I only encountered one other person.  It was quite nice to have the whole trail all to myself.  At one point, off in the distance, I could make out what appeared to be my destination, and I picked up the pace.

By 4.5 miles, I was having little-to-no tibialis pain, and I was keeping a comfortable 8:50-9:50 pace. At 5.64 miles, I had reached the dam.  Obviously, the dam itself leaves little to be desired, as I don’t think dams are ever very majestic with their heaping piles of accumulated trash and river junk.

I stretched out and took a few pics, and then proceeded to head back.  My legs were completely agreeable the entire return trip.  I settled right into a quicker pace for the majority of the way back.  I only made a few stops, mostly just to pee and snap a couple pics, but I was really into the run mentally.

Being later in the day as I was coming back, I did encounter more people but only within the first 3-3.5 miles of the trail head.  After the first several miles, it’s hard to find any evidence of human activity.  The few houses that are on the trail disappear completely after about 3-3.5 miles.  It’s quite secluded.

I ended up back at my car before I even realized it.  It was 11.3 miles round trip, and I felt refreshed and like I could keep going.  But today, I resisted that urge.  I’ll save it for the next long run.


This was definitely me on a good day and one where numbers were anything but significant.

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  1. Lacey says:

    Looks like a wonderful trail! I’m glad your body cooperated. Where the heck do you pee there though?? lol

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