Feeling Those 60 Miles

Yesterday’s run, the beginning of a brand new week full of promise, was the most physically difficult run yet.  About mile 6, I felt like my legs were 20-lb weights.  I had all sorts of random aches and pains in my legs, and the soles of my feet were sore.  After struggling through 4 more miles, I stepped off my treadmill and could barely walk.  Everything hip down felt like crunchy peanut butter.  I walked around bowlegged for a while and stretched.  It then occurred to me that I was on the threshold of my current physical potential.  The next thing I thought… disappointment.   But how could I possibly feel that way after doing close to 60 miles over the past 7 days? Last week’s mileage was actually about 20 miles more than I’ve ever done in a week.

It was a long week with long hours.  I was feeling it mentally and physically this morning.  My body and my mind wanted to do nothing more than sleep today.  Granted that’s not what I did.  I did do upper body weight training and did 2.5 miles of incline and speed intervals on my treadmill.  My run felt pretty good, and I was totally into it by the time I was half a mile in.

I’m considering the fact that I’m going to have to back off on my mileage this week or at least for a few days and let my body recover after really beating the hell out of my legs the past 2-1/2 weeks.  I want to build up some serious endurance, but it won’t happen if  I can’t even do the miles, and right now, my body is saying it can’t.  My sister had suggested a week of long runs possibly followed by a week of short runs.  I think that’s going to be the right flavor.  I think it will rejuvenate me.

So, goals for this week?  I’m thinking 25-30 miles will be good.  Focusing more on hillwork and speedwork this week.  I really enjoy doing both of those.  I’ll still probably incorporate a long run or two, but I think I’ll keep it under 10 miles.  I might find myself a race to work towards; I haven’t done a race in a couple months.

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