Reflecting – 50 miles?

I’m pretty sure I’ve broken almost every rule in the running rule books at least twice this week.  Fifty miles this week, well a little over 50, and today is the last day of the week…  I’m certain to try to run again today.  I’m quite sure pushing things to the limit in terms of running has been the theme of the week.  No rest days, lots of quite long runs.

I’m somewhat mentally and physically drained this morning; however, that could have a little to do with a severe lack of sleep all week.  Yesterday I was up at 1am, ran 2 mi at 9am, cooked all my meals for next week, made dinner for the family,  made a pathetic attempt at a 30-min nap around 2pm, and had finished up a 10-mi run at 8:30pm.  I still managed to get all my housework done and take care of the kiddos.  Hubby is on night shift, so that always adds spice to the mix.  Yikes.  Makes me shudder to think about what a crazy schedule I’m trying to hold on to.  I’ve been up today since 4am to feed my special little boy. That equates to about 4 hours of sleep for last night at least.  Not bad.

Sun will come up soon, and it’s supposed to rain today.  Hopefully it won’t storm at least.  I wouldn’t mind getting in some outdoor miles this afternoon even if it’s only 1-3 miles.

I’ll post my streaking report later today for the week!

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  1. Dude! No wonder you’re sick!

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