Long-Run Streak

I’ve decided to try adding long-run streaks to my running streak.  Today is day 14 of my running streak.  I did 25.53 mi in the last 2 days, and I’m hoping to do another 10-12 miles today.  I plan to do a week of long runs, followed by a week of shorter runs as long as my legs can handle it!  So far things have gone really well.  On yesterday’s run (10 mi followed by 2.4 mi later in the day), I was quite comfortable which surprised me after doing my longest distance yet, 13.1 miles, the day prior.  It amazes me what the body can adapt to.  I am planning to run a marathon later this year, so I suppose this is all in good favor!

I should easily hit 40 miles this week which will be a new weekly mileage record for me as well.  It is eating up a LOT of my time during the day putting all these miles in, so I guess it’s all about getting the miles done faster as soon as I figure out my pacing better.  I know I can do the 10+ miles faster than I am, but I find long-run speed difficult on the treadmill for some reason.  I’m a lot faster doing them outside.  So it’s more about endurance on the treadmill for me.  I find it’s a good time to work on my running form and efficiency.  

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