Goals this Week?

Okay, so I’m going on a running streak with my sister!  Goals?  Don’t really have any other than to run at least a mile every day!  I guess more than anything it’s about building endurance up.

Yesterday, the weather was great (a cool but sunny 36 degrees)!  The course was every bit as challenging as I had anticipated and some!  I still managed to cover 7.47 miles in 1hr 10mins.  Not bad considering what I was up against!  I loved the Camelbak.  I don’t know how any runner could survive without one now!  I hit 30 miles for the week, surpassing my goal by 1 mile 😉

This week, the goal is to hit 33 miles.  I see some long treadmill hours ahead of me, but in some small way, I enjoy the mental challenge of long treadmill runs too.  Crazy, I know!  You can never beat the convenience of a treadmill run as long as you’ve got your mindset to it.  Today, I’ll hit the road again for a 4-6 mile run in town and along the river.  It’s going to be about 60 degrees, and I get to wear shorts! Woohoo!  Tomorrow I’ll do 3-mile speedwork on the treadmill, do some Insanity, and weighted situps.

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