29 Miles This Week

I got my Camelbak this week, and I’m dying to test it out!  I’m thinking it might take some getting used to, but anything has to be better than the fuel belt I tried!  Now that I can do 10-mile runs, I had to have some source of water with me!  So, I’m heading out today for a 6-8 mile run to see how it goes.  Today’s run will put me at 29-30 miles for the week – 29 being my goal this week.

Before heading out, I’ll do 3 sets of weighted situps.  I try to get those in 3 times a week.  Those babies are tough but definitely bring results more than any abdominal exercise I’ve ever done.  I’ve been able to steadily increase the weight by 10-20 lbs almost every week so far.  I kinda have my doubts that I’m ready to go up again this week, though.  We shall see.

Weather looks pretty nice.  It’s actually sunny but still only 26 degrees at 8:30 am.  I’ll have to wait till almost noon to head out.  Feels like it’s going to be a good day and a good run.

Today’s going to toss up a difficult course.  I’m going to run some very long, steep hills which I’ll probably have to walk at least a little since I’m doing some mileage.  I have been training on the treadmill to run these; however, so maybe it won’t be as difficult as I anticipate.  The one hill I haven’t run yet at all because it is quite a steep grade and very long.  Needless to say, I’m always up for an extreme challenge!  Dig deeper!

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